【12期生】 瑞乃怜 | Rei Mizuno

軽微な斜視弱視(強度の眼振あり)、性同一障がい(MTF, トランスジェンダー/アセクシュアル)、心的外傷後ストレス障がい

Strabismus amblyopia (with severe eye nystagmus),
Gender dysphoria (DSM-5, MTF, Transgender/Asexual), PTSD.
Born in Kanagawa Prefecture.
Graduated from Doctoral Degree Course at Tama Art University (Ph.D.in Arts)







Past Activities/selling point:
I am LGBTQIA+ (transgender, asexual, and pansexual) and have lived a life unrelated to romance or sexual intercourse.
I spent my childhood familiar with art and trained at Japanese art universities until 2019.
Since graduating, in parallel with painting, I have continued to create and exhibit at home and abroad as a designer, illustrator, and art model.

I have experienced violence and rape at various stages of my life. And even now, as an adult, I cannot laugh well.
At the end of 2021, I experienced a kind of phantom pain in the part of my body where I had been relentlessly beaten up at the time, an experience that brought back vivid memories of that time.
Until now, I have felt I have overcome my fear of violence.
Because one day, after another, no matter how much violence I was subjected to, I became numb and unconcerned.
Violence was a part of my life and not something to be feared.
I have always believed myself to be strong.
Therefore, the phantom pain was an eye-opening experience. I have forgotten about the memory of the violent experience, but my body remembers it.

After that, the form of expression mainly painting was transformed and soon shifted to an art model based on the printmaking method.
Since the end of 2021, I have been creating photo-based artworks based on my background and experiences and exhibiting them in galleries and museums in Japan and internationally in the context of queer art.
One thing is clear: I am here (standing) not as a victim but as an artist staring into this moment.
I am here today because of these experiences. Violence has sustained me.

For me, the modeling career is a “production,” like painting. In the photo shoot, I can take advantage of the body’s volume and the torso’s unevenness, which only an art model can have.
In production utilizing printmaking methods, my digital expression is my strength, using multi-layered layers and vivid colors.




Future aspirations:
Living as a sexual minority or a person with disabilities in this society means facing various invisible (but undoubtedly existing) divisions and isolation.
For the past decade, I have supported the independence/rehabilitation/living of orphans, ex-convicts, and various others.
There, I have witnessed people who have been “excluded” from the social space for various reasons, removed from the ladder, and lost their place in society, just as I once did.
Because of this background, I wish to use my life as a little bridge between people and society.

Also, I want to create opportunities to exchange words on transgender/ asexual issues, which are still under-represented in Japan (as of 2022), at various layered levels. Through these activities, we would like to join with people who have difficulty finding their place amid solid social norms, think together about how we should live tomorrow, and pave the way for the coming era.

And as a creator, I want to use my expertise to support the advancement of talents close to me from behind the scenes.
I would be more than happy to realize the goals and dreams of the talent and agency by providing well-thought-out, high-quality content on a sustained basis and to please the fans and families who support them.